Table @ Pip’s, Singapore


Category: Western

181 Orchard Rd, #B2-11/22 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

B2 of Orchard Central is pretty dead, even on a Friday night. I’m not sure if anyone even ventures there, and Table@Pip’s is tucked all the way at the end if you’re approaching from the main escalators coming down from where the apple store is on level 1. The wait staff were very friendly and helpful, but the food and ambience just didn’t justify the bill.

Damage: $$

Appetisers (~$10), Pasta (~$20), Mains (varies, but easily ~$30 for a dish less common than something like Fish & Chips)

To go: Nope :/

The dishes are pretty pricey for the quality; the mains were a disappointment. I learnt from the waitress that Table@Pip’s was previously situated along the row of shophouses near Coronation Plaza, but had moved to this new spot since September 2014. They have quite a large floor space which is oddly split down the middle by a wide and open walkway, and the cafeteria-type plastic tables and chairs and colourful plastic placemats somehow didn’t feel like the right atmosphere for their fine-dining menu. Perhaps its 91% rating on HungryGoWhere was earned at the old place, but I won’t be back anytime soon.


We started with the Foie Gras, which was served with sautéed onion, sweet glazed apple and a raspberry demi-glaze. The sauces were okay but coated the entire dish in a dark brown, making for a rather non-photogenic dish. I couldn’t really pick out the flavours distinctly, but I would describe it as a savoury, somewhat tangy contrast to the foie gras. The foie gras was a good portion and full of flavour, and the slice of sweet apple beneath worked surprisingly well.

My friend ordered the Creamy Carbonara (featured picture) – a pretty standard pasta dish. The pasta was a little too firm for my liking, but I supposed that could be a personal preference although most good Italian restaurants do it just right. While the bacon lent the carbonara flavour, I had to agree with her that it somehow made the dish a little too salty. The mushrooms were tasty, however, and so was the egg yolk – especially if you’re like me and love to slice open the yolk to coat every form of noodle.

Duck Leg Confit

The Duck Leg Confit (~$20) itself was tender and easy to separate with a fork, but was very dry in certain parts. The mash was very grainy and the vegetables entirely lacked flavour. If you have a craving for duck leg confit, go to Saveur instead for a better one and at a better price point.

There was an ongoing promotion for a $1 add-on for the flourless chocolate cake, which was around $8 on the menu if I recall correctly, so we ordered two – reminder to self: don’t order it again. The cake was 3 bite-sized and hard rounds on the plate, topped with a scoop of very ordinary vanilla ice cream.