Or Tor Kor Market, Bangkok, Thailand (Gallery)

Or Tor Kor Market is known for being one of the best markets in the world selling the region’s freshest ingredients. I was there, took some photos, and so here’s a quick peek around the market (:


Or Tor Kor Market, Bangkok, Thailand


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I put the Or Tor Kor Market on the itinerary because we’d planned for Jaktujak and I’d read that this market was one of the top 4 fresh food markets in the world known for selling some of the freshest fruits and vegetables from the country. Although we couldn’t take these perishables back with us, we still wanted to take a look, and so we went early at 8.30am on a Saturday morning.

Kamphaengphet Road, just opposite the Jaktujak Weekend Market

It was no trouble at all finding this market. All the taxi drivers know where it is, and if they don’t, you can just tell them it’s the market next to Jaktujak. If they still don’t, I suggest you get out of that cab and flag another one, because that fella is just trying to scam you (I’ve had one too many experiences with many of these dishonest cab drivers). If you’re coming from Jaktujak itself, just head to the metro station and walk through the underpass, past the metro, and once you’re out the other side, you’ll be standing right at the doorstep of Or Tor Kor.

Damage: $

Can I give half a dollar sign?? The food here was so incredibly affordable – a plate of noodles and the coconuts were only about $2+ each. If only the coconuts in Singapore were just as inexpensive and tasty – I’d have them every single day!

Or Tor Kor Market Bangkok

To go: Definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re also going to Jaktujak

With really inexpensive and good food, it’s a good place to go if you don’t want to have a meal at Jaktujak which is incredibly crowded (and where prices are higher too). Hardly any tourists come here, so it’s quite an authentic experience. There are many stalls selling meat and vegetable dishes, but we didn’t try those. Instead, you can head to the back of the market, towards the right, and you’ll find a section full of hawker fare and tables at which you can enjoy your meal.


Or Tor Kor Market Bangkok

Arranged in a grid-like fashion, this marketplace sells all sorts of things – from cooked food for takeaway, to vegetables, to fruits (giant durians and cherries imported from Japan included). If you head to the right side of the market and walk to the back, you’ll find a collection of hawker stalls. We ordered from middle stall below, on the rightmost row of the market. We ordered a dry kuay thiew (feature picture) with beef slices first, and it was really delicious and so affordable that we ended up ordering a second dish of Kale stir-fried with crispy pork.

Or Tor Kor Market

Kale with crispy porkThe Kuay thiew was moist with a good amount (but not overwhelming) of sauce, and a very generous serving of tender sliced beef and stir-fried vegetables. The bits of crispy shallots sprinkled over the top were great. The Kale was cooked perfectly – tender but still keeping a good crunch, and did I mention, very tasty? The crispy pork bits were a let down, however, because they weren’t crispy at all, and were slightly tough perhaps because they were in pretty sizeable chunks. The pork serving, like the beef, was still very generous.

Opposite the stall was another stall styled in a push-cart, serving up a hot and soupy Duck Kuay Thiew. The bee hoon (a type of thin noodle) was soft, and the beansprouts were left quite raw to provide a contrasting crunch. On top of that, thin duck slices were laid – tender, and nicely braised in what I think is a soy-sauce base. The soup was light but extremely tasty. A simple dish but delicious, and a total bargain at just over $2.