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We headed to Pince & Pints for Dinner on the recommendation of a friend who’d been there at least three times since it’s opening, and she joined us yet again for our initiation. Singapore doesn’t have many lobster-roll-serving places, the other being Platypus Kitchen which I’d tried and thought to be subpar, so it made sense that as one of the few, people are bound to hear of it.

32/33 Duxton Road, Singapore 089497

Situated along a row of shophouses, Pince & Pints occupies two adjacent units near the most popular open-air carpark in the area, which is flanked on the other side by Sabio Tapas Bar & Restaurant and Buyan Russian Restaurant.

Damage: $$$

I didn’t think it was worth the money. Their menu consists of three kinds of lobster dishes (whole lobster either steamed or grilled, lobster roll, chilli lobster) all going at $48++, and often, a seasonal special. When we went, they had an XO lobster with rice for Chinese New Year. While lobsters are expensive, I just didn’t feel very satisfied on the small portion of lobster meat and ordinary fries on the side.

To go: Not really – I think I’ll head to a seafood restaurant for a lobster fix

The food was pretty average in my opinion, and with a waiting time of about 45 minutes to an hour on most days, it just doesn’t make much sense to me. My friends who’ve tried the lobsters in Boston say it’s nothing but an echo of what they have over there, so I guess I’ll have to wait till I finally visit the States to get a truly legit lobster roll fix.


Admittedly, the Grilled lobster looked a lot more spectacular than the lobster rolls. The lobster meat was fresh, moist, and well-seasoned but the lobster was rather small and so wasn’t very fleshy. The butter sauce was a bit too loose and oily-tasting for my liking and lacked the depth of flavour which I expected from something based on butter, which is often used in french cuisine to give sauces added dimension and creaminess. All the dishes were accompanied by a cup of ordinary thick fries plainly seasoned with salt. The salad went unnoticed – some of the leaves were wilted, and the sauce was a thin, bare basic.

Pince & Pints Singapore Food Review Blog Grilled Lobster

The lobster roll was almost tiny – which I guess was to be expected since the lobsters didn’t have much meat to begin with. When we were served the rolls though, I could see the disappointment in the faces of my dining companions; one of whom promptly announced damn, I should’ve totally gone for the whole lobster instead. 

I’ve found that most of us receive lobster rolls expecting them to be served hot. On the contrary, at both Pince & Pints as well as Platypus Kitchen, they’re served out-of-the-fridge cold. I’m not sure if that’s how it’s done elsewhere, but that’s how it seems to be done here possibly because a steaming mayonnaise just wouldn’t make sense, and just a heads-up that this should be avoided if you’re in the mood for a hot dish instead.

Pince & Pints Lobster Roll Food Review Singapore Food BlogI guess it’s worth trying once, but I don’t think I’d return again. With the added service and GST, it comes up to about $57 for a bistro-kind of meal, and I think I’d prefer to be spending it elsewhere – like maybe at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant digging into a wok of chilli crab and going at the sauce with a little man tou (fried bun).

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