Baking: StellaCakes’ Pineapple tarts

Finally. I’ve found it.

The perfect balance on the sweet and tart notes of the pineapple fruit, encased in a velvety pastry with the right crumble. As far as I’ve tasted, the best pineapple tarts in Singapore.

I don’t know about you, but pineapple tarts are the hottest thing at my family gatherings during the Chinese New Year. They’re usually the first thing that’s picked up by the guests when they’re visiting. They’re also the ones I love the most, BUT – they’re also usually kick-ass unhealthy.

We’ve never managed to find a store-bought pineapple tart that we really liked. It’s either one thing or another – the pineapple jam either not being fresh or lacking flavor or being too sweet, or the pastry being overly compressed or too greasy. And even if those elements are fine, there’s the ratio of the pineapple jam to the pastry. I like the pineapple in the Le Cafe ones, but it’s a huge gob of jam wrapped in too little pastry and it packs a mad-load of calories. Sure, it’s Chinese New Year and we can afford to loosen our belts, but I’d rather spend it on something more worth it.

StellaCakes‘ Pineapple Tarts have a pastry that’s not greasy but still creamy, filled with homemade pineapple jam made from carefully ripened fruit – I think I’m in love! There’s still nothing like homemade and handmade pineapple tarts. If you’re in Singapore, they’ve just opened their orders for the Pineapple Tarts (you can order online through their website: or drop them an email at


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