Aeon Supermarket, Hokkaido, Japan


Category: Japanese – Takeout (Everything from sushi to yakitori to bento boxes)


Yeah, I know – who in the world takes a note about a supermarket? But if it’s a Japanese supermarket, I’m going to take note and that’s because there’s usually a food hall, and in that food hall, the food is likely to be Super Awesome.

Damage: Really varies depending on how much you buy because I know you’ll want to try everything, but a meal typically costs $

You can easily get a bento meal with hotate (scallops) or teriyaki salmon at around $6 or $7, or a box of karaage (fried chicken pieces) for maybe $3. They often have bakeries near the entrance too, selling all sorts of little pastries, japanese pancakes (including my favorite dorayaki; a red bean filling stuffed between two small pancakes), etc. At the first Aeon stop, they even had a melon-filled taiyaki, which is a sort of waffle that’s cooked on grill (sometimes in a fish-shape) until golden brown (featured picture).

To go: Yes! Whenever I spot one! 😀

It’s full of delicious treats and the product offerings are never the same at different branches. After that first Aeon stop, I’d gone to each subsequent Aeon eagerly looking for the melon-filled taiyaki but alas, there weren’t any. My advice is if you want to try something, just do it, because you might not be able to find it at another branch.

It’s a great way to go if you don’t have time for a sit-down meal or just want something convenient, or even if you’re looking for a more affordable meal. The standards are high – the Japanese supermarkets are truly like no other – and each time I go into one, I could easily spend hours just browsing the wide selection. I’m not a fan of getting food off the shelf but I’ve had countless good meals just having Supermarket takeout because Japan is just… Japan.

Matcha pancake with azuki red bean hokkaido japan


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