The Beginnings of Memoirs of Taste

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I’ve become so much a lover of food these past few years that I’m surprised that I didn’t think of doing this earlier. But hey 2015, new year, new beginnings – I guess better late than never.

Growing up, I was always extremely fussy with my food and refused to eat at least half a billion things. I must be making up for lost time now, because I think of food 24/7 and look forward to all my meals. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but one thing for certain is that I have grown to truly appreciate my food and take an interest in what’s going into it and how it got to be at my table. Oh, and the second thing for certain is that I don’t think I’ll ever survive a diet of any kind – the wide spectrum of tastes is just too amazing to miss. I tried a diet once and almost died from crankiness. This is why I’m setting out to try new places, revisit old ones, and document them all from 2015.

Food makes me happy, and just like for scents, I sometimes associate food with specific memories. That explains the title of my blog, Memoirs of Taste. Rather than having a TV (or YouTube) dinner, meals are better had with other people, accompanied with a little chat and sprinkles of laughter. Meals were meant for us to socialise and appreciate the company of family and friends, and I don’t mean to sound archaic but in the past, they were always important events and community-based things probably with good reason. I’ve also come to realise that I enjoy my food a lot more when I’m actually thinking about it, not when mindless munching while scrolling through

So Memoirs of Taste is my food diary – the places I’ve been, things I’ve tried… and me documenting these experiences in my own personal way, especially since I love taking pictures of food. It’s also a good way for me to keep track of what I liked, what I didn’t, what I’d learnt, and to remember every single moment of it all. Life’s too short to not be living it.

Yours Truly, Zabrina

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Zabrina C

I believe in exploration, in visiting new places, encountering people and cultures, and in learning and trying new things. I believe in pushing the boundaries, doing what you never thought you'd ever get down to doing, and to look at the world with an open mind. I believe in looking forward with enthusiasm at the adventures that await. Above all, I believe in being and feeling alive. I hope you will share my adventures with me, just as I would love to share in yours also. Here's to our friendship. After all, we're all explorers in this world together!

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